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Apricot Water Purifier is India Largest & Fastest Growing Sales & support Provider Company.
If you are looking for a comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your RO water purifier, Apricot Water Solution is that one-stop solution. Our Pros are verified and industry experts in providing various types of RO water purifier services including repair, maintenance, installation, up-gradation and servicing of all kinds of water purifiers.
We understand that the efficiency and reliability of any water purifier depends on proper maintenance of the purifier. It is therefore essential that your purifier gets timely service and maintenance support.
With more than a decade of hard core experience in water purification industry, company has a robust service infrastructure built scrupulously to cater to the growing service requirements of our customers.
After the warranty period, the customers may enter in to our Annual Maintenance or Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts at the prevailing standard rates of the Company which will ensure that the product is maintained properly and on a timely basis.
Alternatively, the customer also has the option of taking service on an on-call basis by paying the cost of labour and spares as and when required at the Company's standard rates prevalent at that point of time.
Apricot water purifiers are based on Triple purification technology to combine Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) & Ultra Filtration (UF) in a multistage filtration process.

Service charges for domestic RO 300 rs

Installation charges for domestic RO 500 rs

Apricot Water Purifier is also providing AMC plan for all type of domestic RO.

AMC Plan-A

Rs. 1300/- (One Thousand Three Hundred Only) One Time Services only Filters, Electrical Parts & Membrane not included.
Note: RO water purifier should be in working condition.

AMC Plan-B

Rs. 2400/- (Two Thousand Four Hundred Only) Services Only Six months Replacement of Sediment Spun Candle TWO Services. Any additional visit during AMC period by intimation. Electrical parts & membrane not included.
Note: RO water purifier should be in working condition.

AMC Plan-C

Rs. 4550/- (Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Only) Services One Years Replacement of Sediment Spun/ inline, Carbon inline. FOUR Services. Any additional visit during AMC period by intimation. Electrical parts not included.
Note: RO water purifier should be in working condition.

Stages Of Purification

Stage 1 : Pre Filter

(5 micron filter) It removes dust, sand and other large particles above 5 microns.

Stage 2 : Inline Sediment Filter

Flow rate :- 1.0GPM, Pressure Rating :- 125 PSI It removes suspended solids, sand, dust, rust, silt particles below 5 microns.

Stage 3 : Inline Granular Activated Carbon Filter

It lakes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour and colour. It removes organic impurities, chemical like chlorine, colour, odour and it prevents Insecticides, Pesticides and Bacterial growth.

Stage 4 : UV. -Ultra Violet

The latest innovations in UV technology protects drinking water from bacteria & viruses efficiently over common RO Water Purifiers.

Stage 5 : U.F –Ultra Filtration

Finally removes Bacteria, Cysts and Viruses.

Stage 6 : Reverse Osmosis Membrane

A high quality membrane that processes 80 gallons per day. R-O Membrane removes Total Dissolved Solids and Salts Chemical Impurities 99.9% Bacteria, Viruses and TDS levels and also removes even smaller than Bacteria and Virus.

Stage 7 : TDS Adjuster

This TDS adjuster maintain the TDS of pure water.

Stage 8 : In line Mineral Fitter

It restores the natural taste of water and prevents bacterial growth

Stage 9 : Alkaline

More and more people are coming to realize that the “perfect water” system would combine the purity of Reverse Osmosis with the tremendous benefits provided by alkaline, ionized water.

Important Instructions

RO discard the rejected water regularly. Locate Apricot RO System at that place where rejected water can be drained easily and convenient to get purified water.

Location should not be In damp areas, avoid Apricot RO System from direct sunlight, high Do not place in damp area temperature areas, below freezing areas and do not mount in a place where rain could trickle into it.

There should be normal pressure in input water.

The distance between water source and the Apricot RO Syste should not be more than 1.5 meter.

In case, if you are not using Apricot RO System for more than two days then switch off the power supply and discard the stored water.

Avoid the unnecessary bends or block in discarded water pipe.

pipe of discarded water should not be placed at higher end from the Apricot RO System because this can cause clogging and water can start flowing in backward direction..

Never run Hot water in Apricot RO System.

It is recommended to drain this System 3 times prior to use in new installations.

Do not put the Apricot RO System in cabinet.

Make sure that your storage tank should be in Clean state and once drain the water in 15 days

Do not place heavy item on the Top of Apricot RO System.

Do not push or pull the water-dispensing lever with too much strength.

Always call out service engineer of company only

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